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Born and raised on the streets of the Atl the mecca of black music, emerges a mysterious, 100% self contained industry new comer. The artist to be know as Jedii, has been working behind the scenes in the music industry for 20 + years creating his legacy, writing and producing for industry professionals.
Now after carefully crafting and developing his own unique but familiar sound, he is ready to unleash his art to the world.

“My music expresses ideals of Love, oneness, passion, mystery, spirituality, sexuality, philosophy, pain, sadness and beauty. My only goal is to touch one person at a time and offer the music selflessly to those that will be inspired.”
“I just want to send out love vibrations and positive energy so strong the the whole universe can feel it.”

“Take this journey with me and experience pure art that was created with love, inspired by the heart, fueled with passion, layered with soul and baptized in funk.”


electric jedii

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